Cup Sweep

Online Cup Sweeps

Planning a Melbourne Cup sweep competition with your friends or coworkers this year? is a fun, easy way to hold your cup sweep online!

How does a cup sweep Work?

In a cup sweep, entrants are randomly assigned a horse for the Melbourne Cup – the participant with the winning horse wins the cup sweep!

Usually, this is done with paper tickets and pulling horse names from hats. From cutting out tickets and collecting cash from participants to figuring out the winners, organizing a traditional cup sweep can be a hassle.

We created CupSweep to make your cup sweep experience simple and straightforward. Similar to an online footy tipping website, you can register your cup sweep online, then invite your friends and allocate horses before the race.

Benefits to organizing your Cup Sweep Online

It’s easy

Step 1: Register your CupSweep online
Step 2: Customize your 2016 CupSweep form
Step 3: Invite your friends with your unique URL or via email
Step 4: Sit back and enjoy the race

It’s your Cup Sweep

Once you’ve created your own CupSweep, you can customize your sweep. For example, you can change the cup sweep options so that entrants get one or multiple horses, depending on how many people are involved. You can also set prize money, entry fees, or unique rewards for your winners.

It’s great for big groups or international contests

With a traditional, paper-ticket CupSweep, you’d need a big hat to hold 12,000 tickets! With, you can invite up to 12,000 participants into one competition – from anywhere in the world.

It’s accessible anywhere

Cup sweeps for the 21st century. Access your CupSweep competition from your computer, laptop, or mobile device.