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Office Cup Sweeps

Organize a CupSweep in your office, sports club, or with friends!

Are you in charge of the Melbourne Cup Sweep competition this year? is a quick, fun and easy way to organize your CupSweep online.

Our site brings cup sweeps to the 21st century. Forget the days of ripping up paper and drawing horse names out of hats: with our site, entrants can create or join a cup sweep competition in a few easy steps. Add participants by email or through a unique URL, and customize your cup sweep’s prizes and race options.

CupSweep will manage the allocation of horses and immediately notify winners after the race – so all you have to do is sit back and cheer!

Office Cup Sweeps

CupSweep is the easiest way to organize a cup sweep competition in your workplace. Each competition has a maximum amount of 12,000 entries, so there’s room for everyone to participate.

You can also create multiple competitions within one organization – perfect if, for example, you want an overall winner in the company, but also want to strike up some friendly competition within your departments.

Cup sweeps are 100% legal within an office. In the event that your total prize value happens to be over $5,000 in Victoria or $20,000 in NSW, you’ll just need some permits.

Other CupSweep Competition Ideas

Not working in an office, or looking for other ideas? Here are our suggestions for fun ways to use CupSweep in your community: